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Why I hate Myspace

Probably some of the visitors of this blog are Myspace users, so please accept my apologies if I hurt your feelings, but the thing is that I hate Myspace!!!, and here’s graphically explained to you one of the reasons.

Fool Me Once...

As you can see I think it is a lack of respect when you get into a page and it is so noisy, you may say: just turn the sound off, but to me isn’t that easy….one other reason is that I can’t stand the fact that Myspace it is so visually offensive to your eyes, it seems that it aims to fill the page with lots of things, and the more it has, the best it is, anyways it is just my opinion, but again.I HATE MYSPACE!


May 29, 2007 - Posted by | blaugh, Blogosfera, Cartoons, English

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  1. Jajajaja, estoy totalmente de acuerdo… Myspace sucks!!!!!!!

    Prueben facebook, eso sí es bueno ;-)k

    Comment by achtung! | May 29, 2007 | Reply

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