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Buenas noticias!

Ayer en se publico la siguiente noticia

U2 are in Africa, writing songs with Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.The band have set up a studio in Morocco’s medieval city of Fez where they have been writing and recording from morning till night for the past couple of weeks.

‘There’s no word on what the new material is for,’ according to one of the team in Fez. ‘But they’re on a roll and the ideas are coming think and fast.’

The band met up with Eno and Lanois after flying down to North Africa from Cannes where ‘U23D’ was previewed earlier this month. It’s not the first time they have been in this ancient city. They visited in 1991 with director Stephane Sedanoui to shoot the video for Mysterious Ways.

Al leerla en verdad no pude creerlo, pues creí que U2 no volvería a sacar otro disco, pero el que U2 este grabando nuevas canciones!!! y con los maestros Daniel Lanois y Brian Eno!!, es una muy buena señal; aunque como dice en la nota, no se sabe si el nuevo material significa un nuevo disco, por lo tanto, esperaremos más noticias.


June 2, 2007 - Posted by | Music, Novedades, U2

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