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In a brief note posted a couple a days ago at, it is mentioned and confirmed that U2 it is still working really hard in developing a new record, and as all of you may remeber U2 has been working on a new record since June of last year, in Morocco with long time colaborators Daniel Lanois and Briand Eno; and according to this note, this record has pretty good chances to be released this year, here is the note:

09.04.2008 Back to the Day Job

The Edge, Larry, Adam and Bono are back in the Dublin studio, after their respective Easter breaks, continuing to work on new material with Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.

We hear that the recording sessions in Hanover Quay are going well –

with everyone still hoping the new album will be out this year.

No word on how the music is developing from last year’s songwriting

sessions in France and Morocco but the band are in good form and

enjoying themselves.

More as we get it.

This article adds more excitement to the atmosphere, there are lots of questions, how this record it is going to be?, will it be fully rock ´n roll?, will it be the next U2´s masterpiece?, those questions are still unanswered, we will just need to wait until the release of this album, to see if U2 it is still the best band in the world.


April 12, 2008 - Posted by | Music, U2

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