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U2 remasterings


Well it is still time to write something for May, since for the first time during the little life of this blog, there was nothing posted for March, I do know that I’ve left this blog for so long, and I still don´t know if someone it is still reading my posts, anyway this a good opportunity to let you know about some great news!

I’m pretty sure you already knew about this,  but U2 is going to re-edit their first 3 records: Boy, October, War, those records are over 20 years already, but are part of U2´s history.


For those 3 records War is my favourite, with classics like “New Year´s Day”, “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, and the not so well known “Like a Song”, U2 confirmed that they were decided to make history on the music scene.


According to this remastered editions will be released on July the 21st, and all of them will have 3 editions:regular cd, deluxe cd with a b-sides/live disc (with booklet, unseen photographs, etc), and vinyl edition.


And last but not least, U2 continues to work on a new record!!! which hopefully will hit the airwaves by the end of this year!

Even though U2 has been working since the Vertigo tour finished back on 2006 on Hawaii, I’ve really missed them, we miss the gossiping of a new song, the excitment of a new record, a new tour, everything that comes with it, so let´s stay tunned, and longlife to the best band ever: U2!


May 31, 2008 - Posted by | Music, Novedades, U2

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  1. the kid on the album, is it bobo’s son or something like that ?!

    Comment by me | December 29, 2008 | Reply

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